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Scionix Ltd is a Joint Venture between The University of Leicester and Genacys Ltd. The company was set-up in 1999 to commercialise the industrial use of a novel class of solvent systems.
These solvents, which are know as Ionic Liquids are in effect room temperature salt melts and are highly polar. Among many of their idiosyncrasies is the fact that they do not exhibit a vapour pressure ie they do not evaporate at room temperature. Furthermore, due to their polarity and ability to complex ions, they also solubilise compounds and salts which normally would only dissolve in highly corrosive or caustic aqueous solutions. These revolutionary solvents are not only cheap to produce and store – but they are also unreactive to air and moisture.

We believe that by initiating collaborations and strategic alliances we bring process advantages to the users much quicker and in a way that allows the users to influence and design the final process properties. We do not believe this is a mere means of diluting risk but an effective way of improving the processes and to make them commercially viable.
Scionix’s business strategy is to embrace Sustainable Development (SD) in a positive and financially rewarding context and triple (Economic, Environmental and Social) bottom line accounting is adopted as a means to long-term success. All the opportunities we are currently involved in add all the benefits associated with eco-efficiency and social business ethics.


For a full background on metal processing using ionic liquids look at the new book
F. Endres, A. P. Abbott and D. MacFarlane, Electrodeposition from Ionic Liquids, Wiley VCH, Weinheim, 2008
(ISBN: 978-3-527-31565-9)

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